It was time to dedicate a bridal-themed post to a very important element (and that you love): wedding dresses. Because you know about wedding hairstyles, makeup, shoes, even veils and headdresses, but not yet entered the dress. The truth is that it is much easier to explain the theory than later to apply it in practice to choose one. You have to be true to your style and let your instincts go a bit, but knowing the options and having some advice on wedding dress for your body type always makes things easier.

Here is a review the different wedding dress cuts that exist, taking into account what type of body they fit best:

– Princess: those narrow from the bust to the waist and with a voluminous skirt (with cancan). Ideal for triangle and hourglass body types, as well as balancing the inverted triangle. Since the width in the lower part of the body is marked by the skirt, it will work whether you have wide or narrow hips. It is not advisable for short girls and / or with a rounded body and poorly defined waist.

– A-line: With the A- shaped skirt, it can be more or less accentuated. It follows the same rules as in the previous one, but as it is a less pompous and exaggerated skirt, it adapts better to almost all body types. You don’t have to be tall or have a very narrow waist to feel good, it’s just about finding your balance.

– Empire cut: Fitted at the bust and falling from below the chest. Ideal for rounded bodies and shorter girls. Creates the feeling of having longer legs and allows you to hide your tummy. The truth is that having a fall and being tight only on the chest serves us all, but it depends more on the style of each one.

wedding dress shape

– Trumpet or mermaid: In trumpet it would be if the skirt is tight up to a little above the knees and then unfolds in a flared shape. In mermaid it opens from the knee or a little lower and unfolds with a tail. It feels great to the hourglass body type as it is designed to mark curves and has a very sensual result.

– Tube or column: with a straight cut skirt in all its fall. Ideal for triangle, rectangle and hourglass bodies, it fits tighter on the bust and the skirt is usually made of fabrics with a straight fall from the hips. It is elegant and feminine. Aforementioned tips are available with the search term of wedding dress shape suits my body on any search engine.