Trying to keep dry hair looking healthy and shiny can be a tough and frustrating task. The best solution for treating dry hair is to follow some simple hair care tips, visit a specialist to fix dry hair with treatment to follow, and incorporate the best dry hair products into your daily beauty routine.

What Causes Dry Hair?

There are two main reasons behind dry hair: either your scalp does not make enough oil to hydrate the hair fiber, or the fiber itself is unable to retain moisture from the natural oils. Hair itself doesn’t produce the oils it needs to stay hydrated, so it falls on the scalp. However, with age, the skin’s oil production decreases, which explains why some people who have always had lustrous and healthy hair can see their hair dry out over time, even though their style does not change of life, your diet or your hair care.

hair looking healthy

How do you diagnose dry hair?

If you’re not 100% sure you have dry hair, here’s a way to find out: When your hair is wet, just grab a hair and pull the tip and root in different directions. If hair breaks easily, it is lacking nutrition and you need to treat your dry hair.

If your hair feels dry, it most likely needs hydration. What is not so obvious is the type of hydration you really need. The best expert to know and evaluate what your hair really needs is your hairdresser. Ask him for advice on what type of hydration or treatment you should use, both in the salon and at home. Once you have hydrated your hair, you need to ensure that it can retain moisture – specific care can help the fiber retain water.

hair feels dryWhat treatment can help dry hair?

Home remedies for treatment for dry hair may seem like an easy option, but you will need the professional help of your hairdresser to truly see and feel the difference in your hair. Only they are able to identify the exact level of dryness, the reasons for it and suggest the most appropriate treatment.

In general, you should look for hair care products that infuse each of the hair fibers with hydration, as well as help them retain moisture. Essential oils like avocado and cranberry (which can also help dry hair repair) are perfect for silky smooth hair without greasy residue. Argan oil is also ideal for unruly hair, helping to regenerate dry hair strands.