Work with Kara

There are a number of ways in which brands can collaborate with Sugar Studio Bay Area. We offer:

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sponsored IGTV and Facebook video posts
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • In-store or brand event appearances
  • Keynote speaking or workshops
  • Sponsored social media campaigns

Please email us: [email protected] for rates and current opportunities. Please note, to avoid potential conflicts on both sides, since launching Sugar Studio Bay Area, Kara no longer does paid collaborations with fashion clothing brands.


The only giveaways on Sugar Studio Bay Area are included in paid/sponsored posts. Kara receives product for editorial consideration on the understanding that there are no guarantees about placement or timing of placement. She’s fair, though, and if sent something that isn’t her style or a fit for her content, it will be returned. Ideally, she works with you to choose something that she knows will work with her content.


I am new to your blog and I am catching up on some of your past blogs.  It is just like bingeing on your favourite Netflix show.  I cannot stop reading each of your blogs and I am finding they are not only informative but fun.

Your blog is the first blog I had ever followed and I’ve been following since my June 2013.  It has been the best experience and renewed my self confidence after having my second child that year.  Your blog reminded me to make the effort daily, by seeing your posts and everyday style.  You’ve inspired me to try different things.  You have also introduced me to two new loves (actually there are more but it would take to long to list). Your blog is my go to guide for everything style and I have shared your blog with so many friends because of wonderful experience I have had.

Thanks for doing the “hard” work so we can pick the best from the rest without spending a cen

I came across your blog quite by accident and couldn’t believe my luck. Here was a readily accessible web page, featuring a fantastically styled woman around my age with a realistic sized figure that I can connect to, giving me every bit of beauty advice from head to toe, what goes with what, even which jewellery to add to the outfit, and into the bargain enabling me to simply click and I could be redirected to an online store. Absolutely fabulous! I also enjoy your beauty advice and product information. It’s like having a best friend in the bathroom advising me how to do girly things, i.e. create smokey eyes. I love that you are a real person and not afraid to get your make-up off to show us readers how to start from scratch with new makeup ideas. Go girl!

Thank you so much for all the advice and inspiration you provide via your blog. You have a great writing style which often makes it feel like reading your blog is just liking having a chat to a girlfriend. I have gained so much confidence over these past few months and am really starting to enjoy choosing outfits instead of being stressed out by it. My four year old son now tells me often that I look beautiful and that makes me feel really good