In the morning, when you wake up, your eyes seem to have “spent the night on the clothesline”. Dark circles, puffiness, even folds distort your face. In addition to your morning ritual, here you have to hide these marks. Here are some tips to make under eye patch.

Dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes often betray a lymphatic tissue disorder. They happens to be usually because of deprived blood circulation. Their color relies on the type of skin. They can be black, bluish, yellowish.

These dark circles are often hereditary. They are accentuated with fatigue, a poor lifestyle, smoking, alcohol consumption or a diet high in fat. Know about some diy under eye patches.

How to make dark circles disappear?


First, apply a clear powder under the eyes. This step will allow you to hide dark circles in the morning;

Then spread a foundation on which you will add a concealer, one or two shades lighter than your face;

If dark circles remain visible, it would be best not to use eye shadow that is too dark. It will accentuate the image of fatigue and bad looks.


However, there are other solutions to make dark circles disappear.

Morning and evening, apply a specific treatment for the eye area rich in active draining elements such as ruscus and vitamin K.


At the same time, you should increase your water intake, to revitalize and drain your liver, in addition to adding tone to the lymphatic tissues.

Homemade stuff

dark circlesObtain for homemade under eye patches as an ointment commonly used to relieve hemorrhoids. Apply the product in small dabs on dark circles in the evening, before going to bed. Massage lightly. However, there is a downside: the product does not smell very good.

You can also get castor oil (sold in pharmacies) or a floral tonic lotion that you have previously cooled in the refrigerator.

If you’re going for economy, gently massage around your eye area by tapping with your index finger. Then smooth your skin by exerting light pressure.

Bags under the eyes

The appearance of bags under the eyes is generally associated with a phenomenon of water retention or the deposit of fat under the lower eyelid, all associated with sagging skin.