When it is about treatments of eyebrow hair loss and to recover your hair, you usually place yourself in the area of ​​the head, seeking to solve from areas where you notice a clear loss to the most marked alopecia possible. But more and more people are looking at other parts of your body with hair, seeking to improve their appearance as much as possible.

This is the case of the thinning eyebrows, many times ignored and left a bit to their own devices. Over time they have become a more essential element of your appearance, working on them as if it were the most important part you have.

This trend has been boosted in recent years thanks to the development of capillary micrograft techniques, a technique that continues to rediscover itself as new demands are created in the field of aesthetics. The specialized centers are more and more committed to being able to satisfy any need that you have, which includes the recovery of the eyebrows falling out.

treatments of eyebrow

What are the most common reasons for requesting this treatment?

Eyebrow hair has some different characteristics from the rest of the hair on your body, one of the most important being the growth rate. It is estimated that it grows at a third of the speed of normal hair, which means that despite having a shorter regeneration cycle, it will take longer to develop.

This is one of the indirect causes that produce more inquiries about the eyebrows, since the visible changes will last longer than in other areas, being in turn much more difficult to camouflage.

Usually being such a fine and short type of hair you tend to lose it from the root, having to wait for it to regenerate completely. If you overdo it with tweezers or other physical means to define them, you can pay dearly, since it will take a long time to regain your natural appearance.

Continuous waxing in this area can also cause us to permanently lose your hair, even ceasing to grow if you have been treating it invasively for a long time. Together with this point you can find at the same time that the pencils and concealers for the eyebrows are usually patches that, in certain extreme cases, do nothing more than camouflage the damage that you have done.

Other causes are diseases such as Lupus or Alopecia Areata, where among its symptoms you also find hair loss, including eyebrows. In chemotherapy there are cases that also affect this area. In turn, contraceptive pills can cause hair loss in predisposed people.

Of course you must take into account psychological factors. Just as stress affects hair loss, your eyebrows can also be affected. Also physical causes such as bumps in that area or burns cause your eyebrows to need much more specialized attention.