While the trend for full, natural-looking eyebrows has taken hold in recent years, it remains important to fill them in the right places using the best brow makeup and thus achieve the most natural result possible. Because retouching them here and there can really give good results by emphasizing the shape of your face. Before you dwell on the touch-ups that will allow you to have perfect eyebrows, here is how to shape eyebrows and define them with the help of the best eyebrow makeup.

How to make up your eyebrows

Step no 1: The rule of the three points

To define your eyebrows like a pro, you need to locate draw eyebrow shapes and three points: the inner corner, the outer corner and the top point of the arch of each eyebrow. Knowing the location of these three points on your face will then help you achieve your eyebrow makeup and play with their shape as much as you want.

Step no 2: Brush your eyebrows

Brush the hairs from the inner corner of your eyebrows, which tend to grow vertically, using the bottle brush Pencil. Then, use it to brush all of your eyebrows, following the direction of hair growth.

Step no 3: Fill Your Eyebrows

Using Eyebrow Pencil, in the shade of your choice, fill in the outer part of your eyebrows in small, light strokes to create fine lines resembling hairs. Continue the operation inside the eyebrows: trace your fine lines by filling in the less dense areas, while you return to the tip. If some areas are very sparse, you can use the triangular point of the pencil for more precision.

Step no 4: Brush your eyebrows

eyebrow makeupIf you find your eyebrows looking a little too harsh, or if you’ve accidentally applied too much pencil, simply go over them with the bottle brush. If you have stubborn eyebrows, be sure to use eyebrow gel to keep the hairs in place.

If your eyes are close together, feel free to correct things a bit by placing the inner corner of your eyebrows a little further from the center of your face.

You can do the reverse if your eyes are wider apart. Simply place the inner corner of your eyebrows closer to the center of your face.

Making small, hair-like strokes will always give a more natural result than drawing around the eyebrows and filling in the defined space for the most attractive eyebrow shape.