Blackheads are nothing more than impurities that appear when excess oil occurs, clogging the pore and turn black when in contact with the outside. These happy points usually appear in the T zone of the face: chin, nose and forehead, but today you will know the most difficult to extract, those of the nose.

These imperfections not only accompany you during adolescence (as many believe), but they can appear at any age. Therefore, here are some essential tips to get rid of blackheads on nose. You just have to follow certain routines and try a treatment from time to time!

The key is in the routine

Like everything in life, success is always in the constancy. In this case, skin care must be constant, otherwise the results will be barely visible. Also, the use of specific products will help you win the battle against uncomfortable blackhead on nose removal process.

Follow these tips and you will have perfect skin without blackheads or annoying marks!

Daily cleaning

When it is meant daily, it is daily, without excuses or “tomorrow if that.” If you want to avoid the appearance of blackheads, you must thoroughly cleanse your face, remove any remaining makeup and use a specific gel, there will be no trace of dirt in your pores!

Exfoliate the face once a week (or more)

This step is vital if you want to remove all the blackheads from your nose, as well as to prevent the appearance of new ones. Thanks to the exfoliation, the dead cells, dirt and oil accumulated in the open pores of your face, disappear. You should emphasize the nose when you perform this operation, as it is the most conflictive area.

You can opt for a homemade exfoliation or buy a specific product for this delicate area of ​​the face.

Use a mask

For treating blackheads, masks use to be a good option of applying weekly. In fact, you can use Instagram’s famous black mask or apply Pure Active’s Anti-Blackhead Peel-Off Mask. In addition to effectively removing impurities from your skin, you can take the opportunity to upload selfies with the mask to your social networks.

treating blackheads

Opt for an express treatment

Surely on some occasion you have had a special event and urgently needed to remove blackheads from your nose. Well, if at any time you are in a hurry, Pure Active Anti-Blackhead Strips are perfect for you. Apply it and take it off 10-15 minutes later. You will be able to check all the black dots that the strip has removed!

Prevention: tips to keep in mind

Remove make-up from your face every day before bed

Dry your face with clean (and specific) towels

Avoid frequently touching your face (bye bye bacteria!)

Change pillowcases to prevent the spread of bacteria

Stay hydrated and watch what you eat. Stop fatty foods with added sugar!