Fourth of July Styling Ideas

It was such a happy day when the event planners Beijos Events asked us to participate in their 4th of July editorial shoot. 

Here's how the gals at Beijos described the day:

We got you covered for styling a fun backyard party for the 4th… with a twist! We love the traditional red, white, and blue theme, but this year we mixed it up with a little Moroccan flair + bright colors.

When thinking about how I wanted to design the table, I wanted to do create a table scape that wasn’t the traditional red, white, and blue theme. Sometimes it can look… well corny. Adding the Beijos touch, we created a fun colorful table setting that will have your friends wanting to stay all night.


Bright wildflowers, carnations, succulents, and airplants made up the flowered garland that was laid across the tabletop. Mixing in colors of bright pinks + hints of coral, and marigold flowers give the table a fun moroccan twist on the traditional 4th.

Way to much yumminess over here…. hello there french meringue ice cream sandwiches!

You can catch the entire feature over on Green Wedding Shoes!